July 7 2020, 10:04PM
i added snake to the site. its on the media page. i also added minesweeper awhile ago just never updated :3

C3L3STIAL天の out now!

June 8 2020, 4:29PM
hello i dropped a vaporwave album a few days ago. its on all streaming services and its called C3L3STIAL天のbut here's a master link. the song that's autoplaying now is on the album so if you like it, give it a listen and let me know what you think of it(っ^▿^)also i made a tumblr page so if you like pictures check it out :)))


May 21 2020, 1:30AM
hello and welcome. the site is still under construction butt it will be finished soon(¬‿¬) the chat box is up now too. anyways... i released a beat tape a couple weeks ago and it would be really cool if you could give it a listen -- you can find alll links in the music page. im also going to drop an album on the 31st so mark your calendars(`▿´) its a vaporwave album and i hope whoever listens enjoys :)
ps. this site doesnt work on chrome because chrome is bad so if for whatever reason you're still using chrome make the switch!

website is created

April 20, 4:20AM
website is created( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) exact time unknown but lets say it was made @ 4:20 cuz that would be epic